Patented Track

Top 10 Reasons To Choose TCA Patented Track

What's the Difference?

TC/American Track and Failed i-BeamTime after time. Year after year. We’ve built the perfect beast of burden – the best overhead rail/trolley system for mov­ing all kinds of material in all kinds of ways.

We discovered years ago that conventional I-beam systems have a lot of shortcomings. Solving those problems led to our TC/American patented track system – the one to trust for dependable workhorse performance day in, day out.

Every TC/American track and trolley system offers complete design flexibility. You can move loads easily throughout your plant in precisely the patterns you choose. And because it’s engineered with standard components wherever possible, this superior system can also cut installation costs. But most important, it delivers smoother performance, longer, with less maintenance. Check the charts below for a point-by-point comparison of how TC/American outper­forms any system using structural I-beam tracks.

TC/American Track vs i-beam

TC/American Trolley vs Rigid Trolley