Save time & money with TC/American


System Design

  • Design Flexibility
  • Lighter building loads
  • Pre-engineered components available to custom fit your application
  • Eliminates redundant structure
  • Efficient use of floor and air space
  • Optimum material flow

Ease of Installation

  • All cranes are completely mechanically and electrically assembled and factory tested before installation
  • Runways are prefabricated, pre-punched, pre-cut, and pre-painted
  • Match-marked crane runways reduce installation time
  • Crane runways use bolt-together construction for splices and supports

Ease of Expansion

  • Underhung design permits economical expansion of the crane system by interlocking with additional cranes and/or monorails
  • Bolt-together runway construction allows for easy modification
  • Standard design of all components ensures compatibility

Ease of Maintenance

  • Interchangeable standard parts
  • Trolley design allows easy wheel changing
  • Hardened operating track reduces need for runway beam replacement
  • Steel wheels with hardened treads for long life

A Wide Range of Options

  • Multiple runway and interlocking systems
  • Single, double, triple-girder or truss cranes