TC/American’s Self Supporting Workstation Cranes Ideal For Interconnecting To A Plants Main Bridge Crane Track

TC-American Workstation Crane

TC/American Workstation Cranes are easily modified to securely interlock with other workstations and also interlock to multiple monorails or spur rails, thereby allowing unlimited access to every part of the plant without transferring workpiece to rolling carts or forklifts. This design allows the workpiece to be completed at the workstation, then smoothly and safely moved to the next operation, minimizing the possibility of work piece damage, saving transfer time, and eliminating the need for additional material handling equipment or personnel.

TC/American Workstation cranes provide overhead lifting coverage 10 to 60 feet wide by unlimited length and can handle loads from 500 lbs. up to 30,000 lbs. The cranes are ideally suited for high value workpieces and assemblies such as jet engines, motors, machine spindles and painted assemblies which are moved through a series of processes at different stations. The workstation cranes can be utilized individually or nested together with interconnects providing smooth movement from one workstation to another and finally to a main bridge crane.

“The TC/American workstation crane makes the operator’s job easier, safer and faster,” reports Josh Stern, TC American Sales Manager. “And for multi-station assemblies, these workstations interlocked with a monorail system, virtually allowing the work piece to go anywhere without the risk of being dropped or damaged by insufficient rolling racks or manual pallet lifting.”

The TC/American workstation crane comes fully designed with all necessary bridges, trollies, motors and can be equipped with either a wired pendant or wireless remote control. Track switches, curves and interlocks are configured for each independent application and built for long service. Each system utilizes robust, articulating end trucks and trollies with hardened wheels and track for the longest life possible. Special paint coatings are available to accommodate environmental elements. The workstation can also be designed with photo eyes and bar code scanners that record work load movement and feed data directly to a PLC for automation potential.

TC/American is headquartered in Saint Michael, Minnesota and is a leading manufacturer of Patented Track under-running bridge crane systems, supplied to customers around the world in the aviation/aerospace, mining, and heavy manufacturing industries.

TC-American Workstation Cranes