Reduced Hand Labor, Less Laundry Time Requiring Less Space Are Features Of The Latest TC/American Commercial Laundry Monorail Systems

Commercial Laundry Monorail Systems

Incoming heavy commercial laundry loads require the latest monorail system to be maximally efficient and competitive. TC/American’s Monorail and Track systems are proven to utilize less floor space, less hand labor and less processing time. They answer the challenge of today’s commercial laundries to be competitive and profitable while satisfying customer needs.

Using the latest technology, TC/American provides a customized overhead monorail system where lifting and routing heavy laundry loads maximize a laundry’s existing floor layout. Consisting of carefully planned straight rails, curves and switches, laundry loads can be automatically moved along a fixed route between pickup and delivery points. Gravity flow designs, multiple elevations and routes through programmed stagings include accumulation and storage areas that ensure a quality and professional just-in-time laundering process.

A typical TC/American designed monorail system consists of four distinct sub-systems:

  1. Incoming Bag System – Goods are transferred from truck to trolley where a Slant Lift elevates and discharges bags at a high point for gravity movement into a pre-determined storage track. The monorail lifts, available with remote control options, allow for overhead mounting and streamlined efficiency.
  2. Soiled Storage Washer Loading System – Once a sling is loaded, it is coupled with a trolley and elevated with a drop rail lift to the system high point, again letting gravity transfer the load to a pre-determined classified storage rail. As needed, slings are called out of storage and positioned to load the washers. After loading, empty slings and trolleys return to storage awaiting the next cycle. Many washer options are available for top, front, chute and hopper loading based on plant requirements.
  3. Washer To-Extractor To-Tumbler System – Wet lift is centrally located in wash isle for removing washed goods efficiently. A monorail gang lift loads and unloads several extractors simultaneously then moves the washed goods to tumbler storage rails awaiting the drying process. This monorail configuration alleviates congestion while minimizing labor and ensuring fast turnaround.
  4. Finishing System – Washed work is called out of storage stations and moved to ironers or dry fold areas via the elevated rail system. This eliminates manual floor carts and baskets.

These TC/American Monorail Systems incorporate a complete range of components designed exclusively for laundries – and where needed – customized for maximum operating efficiency. These components include long-life trolleys, suspension hangers, switches, curves and lift sections. Most important, TC/American Systems provide flexibility utilizing the right combination of controls, whether air operated, electric or combination of both.

TC/American Monorail Systems answer all needs, from a completely new, automated laundry system to upgrading an existing facility. With 75 years experience designing, manufacturing and installing commercial laundry monorail systems, TC/American provides additional support through nearby dealers who are expert in laundry layout, installation and ongoing service.

Customized Overhead Monorail System