Patented Track

TC American Patented Track RailThe backbone and heart of every TC/American monorail system begins with the pairing of the time proven “Patented Track” rail with TC/American’s articulating trolleys.


Patented track evolved from re-rolled old railroad rails for handling materials in cattle barns. As loads became heavier and service requirements became more exacting, the need arose to develop a track to carry heavier loads over longer spans with a better rolling surface. “Patented track” was developed specifically to address these requirements.


Today’s patented track tee sections are specially rolled steel billets with a high carbon and manganese content, two elements that greatly affect the hardness and toughness of the material. Though patented track rail is sometimes referred to as “hardened track,” the tee section of the rail is not process hardened. Instead, it gets its hardness (durability) from the chemistry of the steel used. This material provides the perfect rolling environment for our articulating trolleys.


Patented track is economical, has better wear resistance and delivers a smooth riding surface.

The backbone of our patented track cranes or monorail systems is our 3-piece rail, specifically designed to provide the maximum in strength, flexibility and durability. This “composite” beam is engineered to fit the needs of the system and fabricated to order, resulting in the lowest weight per system, the lowest weight imparted to the support structure, and the lowest lead time possible. Compare this to wide flange or I-beam systems that must be constructed from whatever materials are currently available at a steel warehouse, or wait for a mill to roll the size required.

Our articulating trolleys are the ideal partner for patented track rail. By providing an equal weight distribution at all times, the trolley prevents wheel rocking by compensating for minor changes in load shifts, resulting in reduced wear on trolley wheels and rail.

TC American Patented Track WeldingBuild Your Perfect Beast of Burden

Use TC/American Patented Track rail and trolleys to build the perfect beast of burden for your every material handling need. Compare the advantages of specialized TC/American patented track to conventional I-beam systems.

Rail Models

The features and benefits of various models of TC/American Patented Track are summarized here.