Work Center Cranes

Self Supported Work Center Crane SystemsTC/American Self-Supported Crane Systems featuring patented track rail and cranes are ideal for “work-station cranes” or installations where a crane runway cannot be supported from overhead building steel. Self-Supported Crane Systems are custom designed to meet the exact needs of the customer, using TC/American standard components and a custom designed support structure.

“Work-center” or “work-station” is a currently popular term for cranes that are used in modular assembly areas, work cell areas or other locations for today’s manufacturing, assembly and warehouse needs. These cranes are generally for lighter duty use, are easily assembled and installed and, because their support structure is independent of the building, can be relocated with minimal effort as layout requirements change. TC/American’s self supported cranes use our time-proven 200 or 325 Series patented track rail and cranes for the ultimate in quality and long life without sacrificing the benefits of patented track.

And if you need 5-ton, 10-ton or even greater capacity, TC/American can provide the sturdy supports and the most efficient crane system available.