SPANMASTER Work Station Cranes

Self Supported Work Center Crane Systems



“Work Center” or “work station” is a currently popular term for cranes that are used in modular assembly areas, work cell areas or other locations for today’s manufacturing, assembly and warehouse needs. These cranes are generally for lighter duty use, are easily assembled and installed and, because their support structure is independent of the building, can be relocated with minimal effort as layout requirements change. 

TC/American is very proud to announce our new Enclosed Track Work Station Cranes. SPANMASTER Work Station Crane Systems are available in both freestanding and ceiling mounted designs. SPANMASTER Work Station Crane capacities range from 250 lbs to 4400 lbs. Stretching beyond our competitors, we designed our ergonomic enclosed track system to handle overall bridge lengths up to 38’6″. SPANMASTER bridges are designed for a 1′ overhang which provides a maximum crane bridge span of 36’6″. The final differentiating factor is the unique range of motion provided by SPANMASTER’S unique end truck design. TC/American’s patented articulating end truck design allows the crane to manipulate more like a jib crane when loaded at one end.


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