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Five TC/American Rail Models to Exactly Match your Material Handling Needs

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200 Series, 2″ Rail Tee Section

200 Series Rail ModelThe perfect rail for light capacity or light duty cranes and monorails, up to 2 ton. This is the original “work station” product line and has provided economical material handling systems to America since before World War II!

200 Series cranes and monorails deliver maximum strength and minimum roll resistance. Systems can be hand pushed or motor driven. Miles and miles of this rail have been installed in laundries and other applications with a slight slope to the monorail, allowing the trolleys to be “gravity powered.” Importantly, our 200 Series Systems are supported by a complete line of switches, curves, suspension components, cranes, trolleys and drive tractors.

Rail is provided either as “2R3-5T” (twin-section rail only, with hangers clamped into the head of the sections) or as “Girder Rail” (twin-section rail welded to a web and top flange for longer spans and heavier loads).

Maximum two-wheel trolley load of 2000 pounds.

325L and 325H Tee Sections

325L and 325H Tee SectionsWe supply industry with the hardest working material handling equipment available. This versatile rail product line is available with our “L” Series Tee (7/16″ thick section) and our “H” Series Tee (11/16″ thick section). Standard capacities for cranes and monorails range from 500 pounds (or lighter) up to 20 ton (or more upon special design).

Used for monorails, switches, curves, runways, single girder cranes, double girder cranes, multiple runway cranes and more. Available in standard depths of 8″ to 40″ to provide you with rail precisely engineered and manufactured to meet your load requirements.

Tell us the exact lengths of rail you need, up to 60 feet long, at standard pricing and availability. Need some rails 90 feet long or more? We can do it!

Maximum two-wheel trolley load: 5500 pounds for “L” Series; 10,000 pounds for “H” Series.

400 Series, 4″ Rail Tee Section

400 Series Tee SectionsOur “Railmaster II” is a three-piece welded rail, similar in construction to the 325 and 450 Series rail. This rail series has a flat operating flange and is used for replacement of existing Twin City Monorail “R-1” and American Monorail “MD-1” or “Railmaster” wide flange rail systems. It is not recommended for new systems.

Maximum two-wheel trolley load: 5200 pounds for standard rail; 6600 pounds for rail with tension strip

450 Series 4-1/2″ Rail Tee Section

Our largest capacity rails are manufactured with our “heavyweight” tee section, 4-1/2″ wide and 1″ thick, for your most challenging loads. Standard 4-wheel trolleys available up to 30,000 pound capacity, standard single girder cranes up to 15 ton capacity.

Maximum two-wheel trolley load is 18,000 pounds.