Crane Systems

high quality standard patented track components

The term “standard” when referring to TC/American cranes may be a little misleading because all cranes manufactured by TC/American are made in our factories to the customer’s exact specifications and requirements.


In the simplest terms, a TC/American crane is a section of patented track (the bridge beam) mounted on two (or more) end trucks that operate on parallel patented track beams (the runways). A hoist and hoist carrier are mounted on the bridge beam and are free to move the length of the bridge beam. This simple layout provides complete hoist hook access anywhere between the two outer runway rails, and along the length of the runway rails. TC/American provides various adaptations of this simple design to accommodate various loads, spans and clearance issues.

high quality standard patented track components

Single Girder, Double Girder & Truss Cranes

While every crane is built for a particular application, there are three types of standard configurations that are most popular: Single Girder, Double Girder and Truss Cranes. Other variations include options for multiple (more than two) runways and different methods of crane propulsion (hand pushed; hand chain driven; single motor drive with drive shafts to rubber or poly drive tires at each end truck; or motorized steel wheel trolleys on each end truck).

Thus, though all our cranes are made from TC/American Monorail’s high quality standard patented track components, a “standard” crane is usually a “custom built” crane.