Switches and Track Openers


TC/American provides a full line of manual and powered monorail accessories including switches, crossovers, turntables, and lift sections. Our standard cataloged components handle most applications, but if your application requires more, we invite you to put our talented design and engineering team to the test.


Track Openers

Initially designed for use with fire doors, track openers allow a gate section of a monorail to swing out of the way and provide clear passage for a door through the monorail line. Track Opener operation can be motorized, manual with pull ropes, or spring loaded to make way for fire doors automatically. Monorail track can be either electrified or non-electrified and if your application requires a more extensive track opening rotating track sections are available.

track openers rotating track section


Unlike a standard switch, turntables are very adaptable to most configurations and are designed to move while under load. Turntables can be used to allow rotation of a load when suspended from multiple suspension points such as a twin hook hoists.


Crane Interlocks

Permit accurate alignment and smooth travel of a hoist carrier between two adjacent cranes or between a crane and monorail system. Load bar stops prevent carriers from rolling off open ends of cranes. Both manual and power operated interlocks are available for single and double girder cranes.

crane interlocks

Compensating Crossover

Crossovers are used where building obstructions prevent latching or interlocking of one crane bridge directly to another; carriers can be transferred bridge-to-bridge via an Interlocking Crossover. Compensating crossover (as shown) are ideal for maintaining proper gap spacing when interlocking two or more long span multi-runway cranes together.

compensating crossover