Laundry Systems

TC American Laundry SystemsAdvantages in Engineering Efficiency and Ergonomics

Our 200 Series monorail, switches, curves and special trolleys are used extensively in laundries. TC/American economically engineered and ergonomically designed systems are an ideal partner in this industry. For maximum operating efficiency, be sure to specify our time-proven TC/America components in your new laundry or when upgrading an existing facility.

In addition to our expertise in manufacturing monorails and components designed exclusively for laundries, we have dealers who are experts at layout, installation and service to laundry systems worldwide. Your laundry monorail system will be custom designed for maximum operating efficiency, moving linen faster and easier through all operating cycles. Control of the flow of trolleys through the system may be accomplished by manually operating the position of switches and trolley stops. Or, switches may be provided with air cylinders and integrated into an automated control system.

Laundry monorails reduce floor handling of linen and greatly increase storage by getting linen off the floor. This also reduces labor requirements and worker fatigue.

200 Series Gravity Flow TrolleysHand Pushed or Gravity Flow Trolleys

Trolleys within a system may be hand pushed, or the system may be set up for a simple gravity flow process. For gravity systems, the monorail is installed with a slight decline throughout the system and our special laundry trolleys move freely and easily to minimize power requirements and costs. Lift Sections or Slant Lifts are used to introduce soiled lanudry bags into the system or for monorail elevation changes. The heavy duty design and construction of our rail, switches, curves trolleys and other components require little or no maintenance, giving you increased production at reduced cost for the best return on your investment.

Why TC/American 200 Series is the best laundry monorail:

  • 200 Series Laundry MonorailNarrow track flanges carry loads closer to the web, reducing flange stress
  • Overlapping splice provides jolt free transitions across splices
  • Hangers are easily moved and clamped into location anywhere along the monorail. Hangers may be located up to 12″ off splice centerlines, allowing maximum accommodation of suspension components
  • Reduced installation costs because the rail is lightweight and easy to handle
  • Specially designed articulating laundry trolleys provide ease of rolling and reduced wear for long life
  • Compact switches and short radius curves provide system installation flexibility because switches and spur rails can be located close together