Jet Engine Service Systems

Engine handling systems from TC/American put the engine within easy reach of your technicians and keep it off floor carts. We work with you to provide the best combination of interlocking transfer cranes, workstation monorails, curves, switches, engine carriers and specialized equipment, such as lift stations, track openers and turntables, to meet your facility layout and production requirements.

Transporting heavy, high value jet engines and components is easily accomplished with a system of TC/American engine carriers, monorails and other components. From a simple self-supported, fixed elevation monorail with one, two or three parallel rails to a transfer crane that delivers engines to workstations with variable height monorails, TC/American has a customized answer for you. Our systems are used for engine assembly during manufacturing or disassembly during overhaul and maintenance.

Self-Supported Monorail SystemEngine carriers may be a simple set of trolleys attached to engine tooling for manual positioning, or they may be a motorized carrier with one or two hoists that connect to a load beam or other unique lifting points on the the engine fixture. Engine technicians operate the carriers via pushbutton pendant, radio or infrared controls for precise control with maximum safety. Specialized controls provided by TC/American on the engine carrier may restrict movement into certain areas unless established conditions are met; for example, the process of moving an engine into a test cell thrust stand where the carrier speed is restricted and the engine must be at a specified elevation for clearance to enter the thrust stand.

Self-Supported Monorail System. Center rail has two powered hosts for main engine support; outer rails have tooling trolleys for support of engine sections.

monorails mounted on a screwjack supported framework

Workstation with 3 non-interlocking monorails mounted on a screwjack supported framework. Monorail elevations are adjusted via the screwjacks for operator & process convenience. Main engine assembly supported by the center rail, engine sections support by tooling trolleys and fixtures from the outer rails.

40 Ton Capacity Workstation with 3 interlocking monorails

40-Ton Capacity Workstation with 3 interlocking monorails supported by sets of screwjacks. Outer rails move as a pair, independently of center rail movement.

40 Ton capacity interlocking transfer crane

Typical engine carrier with drive tractor and hoists connected to engine adapter.

Typical Engine Carrier with dual hoists