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About TC American MonorailTC/American is a consolidation of Twin City Monorail, American Monorail and Spanmaster. All three companies produced a complementary or similar line of patented track monorails, under-running and interlocking cranes. The integrated company has unprecedented and unequaled access to sales and manufacturing history dating back to pre-World War II.

American Monorail was incorporated in 1925 in the state of Ohio, manufacturing industrial material handling systems. Since the beginning, American Monorail was one of the prime suppliers of patented track equipment. In 1965, American Monorail, Inc. was purchased by Fischer Industries and later acquired by Eaton Corporation. Prior to their 1986 purchase by Lague Enterprises, Inc., a Minneapolis holding company, they were also owned by Harnischfeger Corporation.

Twin City Monorail was incorporated in 1959 in the state of Minnesota. They were purchased in March 1982 by Lague Enterprises, Inc.

TC/American was formed in 1990 by the merger of Twin City Monorail and American Monorail.

In October 1990, Spanmaster, a division of the Jervis B. Webb Company, was acquired and became a part of TC/American. Spanmaster had supplied overhead material handling equipment for more than 30 years.

Our Products

TC/American is the industry leader in under-running crane and monorail systems utilizing “patented track” rail.

under running crane and monorail systemsThe “patented track” industry is a group of manufacturers who supply cranes and monorails as defined by American National Standard, ANSI MH27.1, Specifications for Patented Track Underhung Cranes and Monorail Systems. This document applies to underhung cranes whose end trucks operate on the lower flange of a patented track runway sections, and to carriers operating on a single rail, patented track monorail system, including all curves, switches, transfer devices, lift and drop sections and associated equipment.

All TC/American Patented Track Rails feature a specially rolled tee section that becomes the lower flange of an engineered, composite beam. The lower tee, available in five distinct section shapes and capacities to match the system load requirements, is uniform for all rail sizes utilizing one of the five tee shapes. The benefit of patented track, therefore, is that all rails using one of our distinct Tee Sections (200, 325L, 325H, 400 or 450 Series) will have the same uniform, consistent lower flange regardless of the depth of the rail, size of the top flange, thickness of the web, or the required load capacity of each of the various lengths of rail in the system.

TC/American trolleys are specially designed for each of our rail sizes and precision manufactured for maximum load capacity and minimal rolling effort. The trolleys swivel and articulate to allow them to follow straight or curved rail while keeping the trolley wheels aligned and firmly positioned on the rail tread, and equally loaded even if the load is slightly offset.

We design and manufacture:

  • Standard patented track rail in 5 different tread widths and thicknesses
  • Standard patented track in lengths up to 60′ long
  • Customized patented track rail in lengths up to 90′ long
  • Standard trolleys
  • Standard Crane and Runway Systems — capacities from 500 pounds to 20 ton
  • Customized Crane and Runway Systems — capacities up to 40 ton
  • Standard Single Girder and Double Girder Cranes — capacities up to 20 ton
  • Customized Single Girder and Double Girder Cranes for operation on multiple runways
  • Customized Truss Cranes for long span applications — capacities up to 15 ton
  • Customized cranes with rotating bridge beam section
  • Standard monorail systems — capacities from 250 pounds to 20 ton
  • Customized monorail systems — capacities up to 40 ton
  • Customized switches and curves to meet almost any layout configuration
  • Customized monorail lift sections, scale sections, rotating sections, track openers for fire doors and telescoping rail beams
  • Standard 2-wheel, 4-wheel and 8-wheel trolleys with capacities up to 30,000 pounds, in flanged wheel or flangeless wheel design
  • Motorized trolleys for crane and carrier propulsion, using direct drive to a pair of trolley wheels
  • Motorized drive tractors for crane and carrier propulsion, using polyurethane or rubber drive tires pressed against the underside of the rail tread
  • Customized monorail hoist or tooling carriers — capacities up to 40 ton
  • Interlocking crane and monorail systems
  • Custom built material handling equipment (gantry cranes, jet engine handling cranes and monorails, dipping cranes, roll handling cranes, stacker cranes, cranes with inspection and work platforms, etc.)

Don’t see the equipment you need in the list above? Call us, we may have already designed something similar for other applications.

Our Locations

  • Elk River, Minnesota:
    TC/American Crane Company is located in this Minneapolis suburb. This 7,500 square foot facility houses our sales, engineering, purchasing, as well as our support staff.
  • Glenwood, Minnesota:
    Located in a beautiful lakes area of northwestern Minnesota, two facilities with a total of 100,000 square feet provide fabrication and precision machining. All 325, 400 and 450 Series rail is welded here; crane fabrication and assembly, switches and curves, trolleys and drives.
  • Waite Park, Minnesota:
    Large crane and special products assembly, 200 Series rail manufacturing, large component machining and custom fabrication are produced in a 106,000 square foot facility located in this central Minnesota city (suburb of St. Cloud).

Our Mission

To manufacture and provide the highest quality components or complete systems to meet or exceed your needs and expectations.

Contact us to find out how we can solve your material handling needs.