So…why Patented Track? Does it really make a difference?

Time after time. Year after year. TC/American has built the perfect beast of burden – the best overhead rail/trolley system for moving all kinds of material in all kinds of ways. So what makes us so different from the competition?

We discovered years ago that conventional I-beam systems have a lot of shortcomings. Solving those problems led to our TC/American Patented Track System – the one to trust for dependable workhorse performance day in, day out.

Every TC/American track and trolley system offers complete design flexibility. You can move loads easily throughout your plant in precisely the patterns you choose. And because it’s engineered with standard components whenever possible, this superior system can also cut installation costs. But most important, it delivers smoother performance longer, and with less maintenance. Below are some benefits of going with TC/American Patented Track as opposed to A-36 I-Beam.



Not only does TC/American provide the highest quality Patented Track rail, we also have best in class, fully articulating trolleys. Our trolleys feature a flat tread for a true rolling experience. Rigid trolleys have a tapered tread which allows for partial sliding of the wheel and unneeded friction.

The flat tread wheels on TC/American trolleys allows for easier operation, easier rolling, less wheel wear, less track wear, and overall longer track life. The wheels are also hardened to 425 Brinell compared to the 230 Brinell hardness of our competitors wheels. This also increases track and wheel life. As mentioned above, TC/American trolleys are also fully articulating. Our trolleys can pivot 5 degrees in each direction. So why does that matter? As the trolley moves on the rail it is able to maintain uniform wheel loads regardless if it is navigating switches, curves, interlocks, or moving from one track section to another. Rigid trolleys don’t perform like this. As you navigate the same obstacles the wheel loads are shifting back and forth because the trolley is not allowed to articulate when needed.

So the moral of the story…TC/American Patented Track underhung cranes will not only give you a better performing crane, but will also extend the life of your entire crane system significantly. We have Patented Track cranes still in use today that we manufactured during the WWII era. If you are looking for a material handling solution that offers a prolonged life and limited downtime, then look no further than TC/American Crane Company.

Have more questions? Please feel free to reach out. All our products are sold through our dealer networks, but we will be happy to talk to you and line you up with the best dealer for your location.

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