Single Girder Crane

TC American Monorail Single Girder CranesTC/American Single Girder Cranes have a single patented track bridge beam supported by two end trucks that operate on parallel patented track runways. For special applications the crane system may be provided with multiple end trucks and runways. A variety of hoists or grabs or specially built lifting devices may be mounted on a carrier on the bridge beam to provide the lifting capacity and access needed for the application.

Some Single Girder Crane Options are:

  • Available in all of our 200, 325, 400 and 450 Series models
  • Multiple crane drive options
    • Hand Pushed (HP) – for light duty or infrequent use
    • Hand Chain (HC) Drive – for heavier duty, infrequent use, very low speed, precise positioning
    • Center Motor (MD) Driven (centrally located motor reducer with drive shafts to each end truck with a rubber or poly drive tire pressing against the bottom of the lower flange of the runway rail) – for conditions requiring critical positioning with minimized slip, high duty cycle useage or applications requiring a special motor that cannot be mounted on motorized trolley gearbox
    • Dual Motor (DM) Driven (each end truck provided with a motorized steel wheel trolley) – for most general purpose crane applications
    • Air Motor Driven (AMD) – usually for operation in hazardous atmospheric environments
  • Many speed options available for power driven cranes
  • Multiple End Trucks for special applications
  • Special Crane Bridges available for runway span greater than 60 foot
  • Crane Bridges may be notched for maximum treadline elevation and minimum headroom requirements
  • End Trucks may be furnished with special length wheelbase
  • Crane Bridge may be provided with interlock devices to allow the load to be transferred from crane-to-crane or crane-to-spur rail
  • Motor driven cranes can be supplied with brakes
  • Many control options (pushbutton or remote control via radio or infrared devices, special enclosures, acceleration/deceleration control devices, travel limit switches, rotating beacons, etc.)
  • Crane bridge provided with or without electrical conductor bars or festoon systems for power to the hoist and carrier
Single Girder Crane Illustration

Top View of Single Girder Crane, dual motor drives with bottom contact conductor bar, motorized interlocks both ends