Double Girder Crane

TC American Monorail Double Girder CranesTC/American Double Girder Cranes have two parallel patented track bridge beams supported by end trucks that operate on parallel patented track runways. A hoist is mounted on a Double Girder Carrier that operates on each of the two bridge beams. In this manner the total lifted load is shared between the two bridge beams, allowing these beams to be shallower than the beam on a comparable single girder crane.

Advantages Over Single Girder Cranes

A TC/American Double Girder Crane offers the ability to position the hoist much higher, as compared to a single girder crane, for better high hook elevation. A double girder crane may also be able to span greater distances than a comparable single girder crane due to the extra strength provided by the second bridge beam.

Typical As Well As Long Wheelbase End Truck Configurations

A typical Double Girder Crane has a four- or eight-wheel end truck mounted on the end of each bridge beam. However, depending upon crane capacity, wheel load, runway rail capacity and bridge beam gauge (distance between the two bridges), it may be possible to provide long wheelbase end trucks with both bridges supported by the same end truck.

Options and Special Configurations

Double Girder Crane Systems may be provided with the same options as our Single Girder Cranes, including multiple end trucks and runways and interlock devices to allow the Double Girder Carrier to be transferred from crane-to-crane or crane-to-spur rails. Contact TC/American for special options or configurations.

Double Girder Crane Illustration

Top and Side View of Double Girder Crane