Carrier and Tractor Drives


Single Girder Hoist Carriers are designed to negotiate curves, interlocks, and switches while keeping wheel loads within the limits of the monorail and bridge girders. All carriers are custom designed for the hoist being used, the capacity and the application (straight rail, curves, switches, etc.).

Monorail Carrier


Our 105 amp shielded channel-bar is ideal for new or existing installations. TC American shielded channel bar electrification provides trouble-free service for both crane and monorails, and it’s universal so it can be used in either side contact or bottom contact applications in either straight or curved configurations.

The Power to Move

TC/American offers a versatile collection of drive options to fit your application needs. Our motorized trolleys, tractors, and rubber tire drives systems have been designed for years of trouble-free, reliable service in your most demanding applications. Systems can be powered with 1/3rd – 5 HP motors providing speeds of 28 – 600 FPM (feet per minute) in a variety of control configurations.

motorized trolley drive tractor

Air Motor Drive Cranes

For applications where an electric motor drive is not usable or desired. Available with spark resistant features.

air motor drive cranes