TC/American Manufactures “patented track” rail in 5 different tee widths and thicknesses to provide you with the exact system components to meet your load conditions.

TC American Patented Track Rail

450, 400, 325 and 200 Patented Track Rail


TC/American trolleys feature flat tread wheels and articulating connection to fittings or load bars.


TC/American manufactures a variety of motorized drives to provide powered movement of cranes and monorail systems:

Motorized Trolleys: Steel wheel trolleys with an integral gear box. Final drive is via a pinion shaft to the geared flanges of the wheels. Motorized trolleys are offered in four different capacities. May be used on crane end trucks or monorail carriers. Our “AT” motorized trolley option uses timing belt reductions rather than gears.

Rubber or synthetic material tires that press against the underside of the lower flange of the patented track rail. Tires are shaft mounted on a spring loaded bearing assembly to provide traction. May be used on crane end trucks with a single, centrally located motor and reducer or on a drive tractor. Several different tire diameters, widths and construction types are used.

End Trucks

Sturdy structural frameworks that are combined with trolleys and mounted on crane bridges (rail). End truck capacities range from 1300 pounds up to 60,000 pounds.

Crane Interlocks

TC/American cranes and monorails can be joined end to end through the use of interlocks. These mechanical devices securely connect to allow a load to be transferred safely and securely from one system to another. Interlocks may be manually operated or motorized.


Switches are used in TC/American systems to quickly, easily and safely divert trolleys, tractors and carriers from one monorail line to another without having to transfer the load from one hoist to another or without setting the load down. Switches allow extreme flexibility in the design of monorail layouts.


Curves are formed from TC/American patented track rails. Standard curves and radii are available as well as curves that are formed to meet your exact needs. Monorail curves may be right hand, left hand, reverse (“S”) and be almost anything up to and including 360 degrees. Curve radii may be as tight as 14″ for non-electrified 200 Series or 40′ or greater on 325, 400 or 450 Series rail.


TC/American has pre-enginered suspension components (clamps, hangers, rods, etc.) for all rails in capacities up to 33,000 pounds. Special suspension components may be designed to meet other needs.

Electrical Systems

TC/American provides our own Shielded Channel-Bar electrical conductor system on all “electrified” cranes and monorail systems. Electrical collectors are available to mount on most trolleys for “side contact” or “web mounted” conductors which are recommended for most monorails with switches and curves. Our “bottom contact” or “bottom entry” conductor mounting is available for straight rails or some larger switches and large radius curves.