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 TC/American Monorail Systems Catalog
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Engineering catalog for TC/American Monorail.

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The Products that Move
Our general brochure gives an overview of our capabilities and products, with accompanying illustrations and photos.





A Systems Approach to Built-In Efficiency—Metal Buildings and Underhung Cranes
By integrating the design of the building and the crane system in the earliest stages of the building project, maximum benefits can be achieved.







Building the Perfect Beast
Comparisons to show advantages of TCA’s “perfect beast of burden” over I-Beam construction.






Shielded Channel-Bar Electrification
Our economical and reliable power system electrifies traveling cranes, trolleys, monorails, hoists and other applications.







The Material Handling System for You
Brochure highlights our 200 Series Rail Systems 2" Flange Twin Section, including rail, trolleys, cranes, switches and curves.






Laundry Handling
Brochure includes a plan that shows TCA’s overhead systems to store and direct goods throughout a laundry facility.






Installation and Maintenance Manuals

General Installation Manual 4500 Series Glide Switch Installation Instructions
Safe Operating Practices & Maintenance Manual Drivetractor Installation
200 Series Glide Switch Installation Instructions Electric Motors - General Wiring Instructions
200 Series Interlocks, 2I-513, 2I-515, 2I-850 and 2I-930 Electrical Collector Installation
200 Series Rail Installation Instructions End Truck Installation, 200 Series
200 Series Tongue Switch Switch Installation Instructions  End Truck Installation, 325 Series
325 Series Interlock, 3I9 and 3I10 Installation of Electrical Isolation Sections
325 Series Interlock, 3I-613, 3I-615, 3I-430 and 3I-450  Interlock Shaft and Butterfly Replacement
325 Series Rail Installation Instructions Motorized Trolley Installation
400 Series Rail Installation Instructions Shield Channel-Bar Conductor, Installation Instructions 
450 Series Rail Installation Instructions Shield Figure-8 Bar Conductor, Installation Instructions
600 Series Glide Switch Installation Instructions Suspension Installation Instructions
800 Series Glide Switch Installation Instructions Trolley Installation, 200 Series
2000 Series Glide Switch Installation Instructions Trolley Installation, 325 Series




Bid Specifications

Bid Spec, TCA-500-a, Single and Double Girder Cranes

Bid Spec, TCA-501-a, Hand Propelled Cranes

Bid Spec, TCA-502-a, Monorails

Specifications for Patented Track Underhung Cranes & Monorail Systems

Click the above link for a FREE copy of ANSI MH27.1-2009, “Specifications for Patented Track Underhung Cranes and Monorail Systems,” which you can download from MMA's website.
Monorail Manufacturers Association, Inc. (MMA)
An Affiliated Trade Association of Material Handling Industry of America
A Division of Material Handling Industry