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Reduced Hand Labor, Less Laundry Time Requiring Less Space Are Features Of The Latest TC/American Commercial Laundry Monorail Systems

Commercial Laundry Monorail Systems

Incoming heavy commercial laundry loads require the latest monorail system to be maximally efficient and competitive. TC/American’s Monorail and Track systems are proven to utilize less floor space, less hand labor and less processing time. They answer the challenge of today’s commercial laundries to be competitive and profitable while satisfying customer needs.

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TC/American’s Self Supporting Workstation Cranes Ideal For Interconnecting To A Plants Main Bridge Crane Track

TC-American Workstation Crane

TC/American Workstation Cranes are easily modified to securely interlock with other workstations and also interlock to multiple monorails or spur rails, thereby allowing unlimited access to every part of the plant without transferring workpiece to rolling carts or forklifts. This design allows the workpiece to be completed at the workstation, then smoothly and safely moved to the next operation, minimizing the possibility of work piece damage, saving transfer time, and eliminating the need for additional material handling equipment or personnel.

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TC/American’s LOWERATOR™ Transfer Crane Streamlines Powder Coat Oven Cure

TC-American Lowerator Crane

TC/American supplies a custom-configured LOWERATOR™ Transfer Crane with modifications to carry large loads directly into a 450°F powder coat oven, without setting the load down. The crane design utilizes a special carrier that attaches directly to a large workpiece and travels with it through the assembly process, interlocking with strategically placed spur rails at various stations along the route. The operator can engage positive mechanical rail interlocks in order to easily and safely transfer the load into separate bays for various operations, thus saving time and minimizing the potential for damage.

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TC/American’s XP INTERLOCK™ Spark Resistant Bridge Crane Provides Safe Handling for Aerospace Paint Process

TC/American's XP INTERLOCK™ Spark Resistant Bridge Crane

TC/American installs a custom configured XP INTERLOCK™ spark resistant transfer crane in a paint booth area with flammable solvent fumes. This crane utilizes multiple “patented track” sections that are interconnected by special locking transfers at key transfer points, along with spark-resistant components for safe, explosion-proof operation in a hazardous area.

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